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A word from Bill Bryant, Founder & Trainer

My interest in fitness began at age 16, and like many teens, I wanted to be big and strong. This soon developed from a high school off-season thing to a full-time interest in physical conditioning and weight training.

My family’s restaurant background gave me an understanding of how food and nutrition impacts the body. Later in my fitness journey, I would come to realize the two must come together, cementing my career choice in health and fitness over making Italian cuisine; definitely opposite spectrums!
Oftentimes new trainers think they’ll be working with athletes every day, but soon they realize that some challenges are quite different. For example, I found myself helping the busy housewife who wants to shed some pounds after a new baby. Or the single Mom with a career and kids, whose life offers no spare time to reach her fitness goals. And don’t forget the hard-working middle-aged man who, after helping raise the kids and keeping the marriage together, realizes he’s got a belly and a bad back. 

Seeking real-life solutions drove me to a different approach to personal training. My research and focus went from bodybuilding and strength training to functional and core strength movements. I thought about how I could package this knowledge and make it affordable and personalized for people, and there was the birth of Lean Life Fitness: small group personal training with technology-driven workouts.


What OUR clients say

“Before I started at Lean Life Fitness in Lewiston I’d been lifting all my life. I knew enough to do the weight workouts, but didn’t do much cardio, and didn’t have that ultimate combo of strength and cardio endurance. I play basketball in 2 men’s leagues, and had been saying that if I was the younger players age I could kick some serious butt. Well, after a month of training with Bill, I have to say I’ve played the best I ever have in the past 15 years. That’s what I got from Bill’s classes. It’s fun, keeps me wanting to do more, and the family atmosphere helps with accountability. These are the best physical training classes I’ve ever had. I feel younger and it’s helped me so much!

Scott – Member for 4 months

“Bill clearly has what it takes to run a successful group training session. He’s always well-prepared and is very involved and engaging, pushing us, and creating a positive environment in the gym. No matter what fitness level you’re at you can just jump in and make it work. The Lean Life Fitness gang is a is hard-working and encouraging community. I look forward to seeing them, and that helps me to stay accountable and show up even if I don’t feel like it.”

Monique – Member for 1 Year

“I was looking for something different from the same old gym experience and when I found Lean Life Fitness on Facebook it looked like fun. And it turns out it is! At 49 yrs old I was retiring from police work, after being active military for 21 years, and the training has helped me a lot mentally with this life transition. I like the variety of the workouts, which really helps with strength, balance, and mobility vs just lifting heavy weights at the gym.”

Bill – Member for 6 Months

Hard work pays off

“Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger


Got questions?

We’ve Got Answers!

Classes run daily mornings from 5:00am to 9:00am and evenings between 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Before each set the trainer demonstrates the routine. Then during each set you can follow along with videos of each segment’s exercises on TV monitors in the room. Finally, the trainer is always available for on-the-spot questions and suggestions.

First, schedule a free assessment. Our unique style of training allows us to modify your workouts to match your fitness condition, and to get you on track to achieve your next level of fitness.

We have up-to-date certified trainers, and small classes for individual attention. Heart rate-based training with live bio-feedback, and built-in accountability gives you multiple layers of support.

All classes are booked, rescheduled, or canceled on our app. Memberships are for a 6 month commitment, and are non-refundable. 

Classes last about an hour starting with a warm-up, then 45 minutes of training followed by abs/core work, and then cool-down and stretching. 

  • Accountability
  • Guidance from the trainer
  • Support of the Group
  • Trackable real-time Results
  • Variety of Workout Styles

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